Strategic Planning and Marketing Plan

Obtaining objectives efficiently requires strict planning.

A good Marketing Plan sets the best way to reach current and potential clients. It helps to identify which is the best approach to segment them, which are the products or services best suited for each segment, which is the best way to reach them, how they can access our products, which are the right prices, and how to measure results.

A properly prepared Marketing Plan is focused on the generation of Competitive Advantages in each of the steps it covers.

The end result of this planning process is a set of specific actions that allow to clearly define:

  • WHAT we want to obtain
  • HOW it is to be obtained
  • WHEN it is to be obtained
  • WHO is responsible for the implementation of the strategies
  • WHAT resources (time, staff and financial resources) will be needed to implement each strategy
  • HOW the steps to be taken to achieve our goals ARE TO BE ASSESSED

Our role is to assist in planning development by providing tools, methodology, experience and ideas.

Client Satisfaction Management

We help organizations get a realistic view of the needs and expectations of their clients.

Starting from direct contact with different client segments, we analyze and systematize quality requirements (Demand Quality) in order to determine which elements contribute most decisively in purchase decisions.

Measuring Client Satisfaction

We conduct client satisfaction surveys by developing expectation and quality perception questionnaires under different formats.

Service Audits

We audit service quality by means of our own auditors. We train auditors from a same organization for the evaluation of quality of service factors.

Complaint and Suggestion Systems

We advise on the design and implementation of systems to process complaints and suggestions, as a means to determine the elements liable to be improved, as well as to project to the outside world an image of quality service.

Mistery Shopping

Through these services we measure the actual level of client service: duly trained "shoppers" anonymously visit specific shops/business premises, following previously agreed parameters to ensure compliance with service quality standards required by clients and business managers.

Through these tools our clients will be able to:

  • Identify the needs and expectations of their clients
  • Get to know which quality factors are most important to satisfy their clients
  • Have an estimate of what their clients expect
  • Measure the degree of satisfaction of their clients in relation to the products and services offered
  • Determine the "objective" elements of the improvement plans
  • Align their strategy, policies and processes, as well as the skills and actions of their employees, with client satisfaction

Client Fidelization and Retention

It must be recognized that not all profitable clients are loyal and not all loyal clients are profitable.

A correct follow-up analysis of each client or client segment allows for identifying the target group on which the company must focus all of its efforts.

Database Marketing takes the information stored in the company, and then updates, compares and improves it in order to design and implement marketing actions increasingly personalized and effective across all disciplines, namely: advertising, sales promotion and direct marketing.

Client Fidelization
  • Reduction in the number of cancellations
  • Increased conversion of casual buyers into loyal customers
  • Client referral

  • Selling other products to existing clients
  • Introduction of new products

New Clients
  • Reduced cost of acquiring new clients
  • Fidelization of these new clients

We work together with you in identifying the most profitable segments and ideals which your organization aims at achieving and retaining.

Product Strategy

Markets are dynamic because the needs and desires of consumers change with increasing frequency.

Being aware of these changes is a valuable asset that companies are learning to appreciate and exploit as business opportunities.

We work together with your organization to implement and improve the process of developing and launching new products and services.

Our work ranges from the creation stages, when ideas are brought forward, up to the time when the product gets into the market, including all the intermediate processes of development, production, marketing, logistics and communication.

Our model comprises the following steps:

  1. Identify and select market opportunities
  2. Build and test the concepts
  3. Develop a marketing plan
  4. Launch and marketing of the product or service
  5. Measure progress and appropriate adjustments

Experience Marketing

We work together with our clients for developing solutions adequate to integrate buyer experiences.
Managing client experiences begins with a thorough understanding of their "world". The entire strategy is built on perceived client value. This strategy will guide us through their key elements, brand experience, contact with the client, and constant innovation.

Brand experience

Responsible for synchronizing what is seen and perceived (logos, symbols, packaging, physical evidence), company’s integrated communication (media, pieces, messages), and experience profile of the products themselves.

Contact with the client

Each decisive step is discussed with the client, whether in person, by phone, through the Internet , etc.

Constant innovation

Innovation increases the quality of life of clients. It deems client experiences as irresistible, desirable and unique, and values both large developments of new products and small innovations in the existing ones.

Developing an appropriate Platform of Experiences through brand experience, contact with the client and continuous innovation requires an appropriate and integrated strategy across the organization.
Since there are no two exactly alike experiences, experience marketing is a true differentiator in the company’s strategy.
We specialize in developing strategies aimed at generating experiences in order to meet customer needs and gain their loyalty.

Market Research

By applying advanced methodologies and a research approach, we provide reliable information and supply answers to those in need of analyzing their markets, assessing their competitors and measuring their own business performance.

What type of studies do we develop?

  1. Market measurement
  2. Market feasibility studies
  3. Company positioning and corporate image
  4. Proofs of concept, products or packaging
  5. Quality of service
  6. Analysis of existing information on the company

We offer the type of research required for right decision-making.